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Alternative Therapies.

Alternative options to help you physically and psychologically.

Alternative and complementary therapies

Alternative Therapies

We offer a selection of alternative and complementary therapies alongside our other services as these have been show to offer a great benefit to both mind and body. These include hand reflexology and crystal healing.

Curing a wide range of ailments with hand reflexology.

Hand Reflexology

As with feet, our hands are maps of reflex points which correlate with different parts of the body. By asserting different amounts of pressure on these points, ailments can be alleviated. These points relate to physical points across the body, but does also work to sooth mental health based issues including relaxation, stress, headaches and anxiety.

An initial consultation takes place first, which is usually about half an hour. This costs £20. Then sessions are an hour long and cost £40 a session. You can have a consultation and just one session, or can book a series of 6 sessions dependant on need.

Using the power of nature to aid healing.

Crystal Healing

The earliest evidence of crystal healing stretches back over 5000BC and is found across the globe from Sumerians to Egyptians, Romans to Greeks, China to Native Americans, and throughout Europe in the middle ages onwards.

Crystals have an energy, which when attuned can work with your energy fields to improve wellbeing of mind and body.

This is a service which will be offered soon, please check back here for updates, or email and ask to be informed when the service is available.

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